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19 Apr 2018

BREEAM is strengthening IKEA’s environmental work

IKEA’s Nina Fall, Deputy Sustainability Manager and Christian Westerberg, Engineering Manager, explain how BREEAM supports environmental and sustainability work. At IKEA, durability is an integral part of everything we do and we want it to be a natural part of the daily...
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17 Apr 2018

Great news – record amount of registrations for BREEAM Sweden

Registrations for the environmental certification scheme BREEAM Sweden (SE) are exceeding all expectations. During 2017, Sweden Green Building Council received 57 new registrations for projects that want to certify their buildings, according to BREEAM-SE. That’s three times the...
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10 Apr 2018

Say Hello to the Swedish Green Building Council!

Say Hello to the Swedish Green Building Council (SGBC)! Next in our featured National Scheme Operators (NSOs). SGBC operate the BREEAM SE scheme which has been adapted to local climatic conditions, translated to the Swedish language and aligned with the country’s building...
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