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Please join me, Andy Lewry, at EMEX 2017 at the ExCEl in London to discuss:

“Mind the Gap” – The difference in performance between design and the building “in-use”

Time: 14:40 – 15:10

Date: Day 2 – 23rd November 2017 Theatre: Water and Energy Strategy

I am chairing an expert panel who are discussing why “We have the ability to design good buildings and the knowledge to operate them in an effective and efficient manner – so why doesn’t it happen?”

As we drive the performance of our building stock, it is becoming clear that one of the key challenges we must address is narrowing the gap between design and actual performance. The industry needs support to ensure they understand how the building will perform in operation. If we don’t, the gap in performance can be as big as 200-450% greater than predicted. With project costs squeezed and ‘value engineered’, all too often performance suffers.

This expert panel will discuss the issues such as:

  • Designing for compliance;
  • Commissioning and soft landings;
  • Benchmarks and real performance


Andy Lewry
About the Author
I am a chartered engineer and scientist; and an expert in Carbon and Energy Management with 19 years varied technical, marketing and management experience preceded by a further 10 years similar experience within various parts of the Environmental and Construction Sectors. I also have in-depth knowledge of sustainability issues including BREEAM, Home Quality Mark, ISO 14001 and 50001. In addition to being a Fellow of both the Institute of Materials (IOM3) and the Energy Managers Association I have qualified as a project manager at Practitioner level for Prince 2 and Agile. Over the last 10 years, I have had a leading role in investigating the “performance gap” – why buildings do not meet their design expectations in operation. I’m also qualified at Building Information Management (BIM) Level 2 as a certified BIM Informed Profession.

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